Gerosios Vilties gatve 27, Vilnius

Developer’s word

Dmitrijus Savočka: It is an apartment complex where we put a part of our heart. Each of us dream of a cosy space where nowadays families would be comfortable while raising children, excited to improve themselves and just want to live happily ever after. Our home is not only a fortress but also a place for important events in our lives.

We have made this dream a reality by creating an apartment complex called “Lucky Homes”.

With the “Lucky Homes” project, we entered the European market to show that a residential complex is not only a comfortable apartment, but also a place which contains everything you need for a comfortable living. We want our project to be really convenient for you. Every detail of the complex was considered and prepared by our highly qualified specialists with international certifications and extensive experience. So, we offer ergonomically planned living space and maximum comfortable housing. We put part of our heart into every square meter, and all you need to do is use the area wisely and create a happy atmosphere.