Gerosios Vilties gatve 27, Vilnius

Dmitrij Savochka

It is an apartment complex where we put a part of our heart. Each of us dream of a cosy space where nowadays families would be comfortable while raising children, excited to improve themselves and just want to live happily ever after. Our home is not only a fortress but also a place for important events in our lives.

We have made this dream a reality by creating an apartment complex called “Lucky Homes”.

With the “Lucky Homes” project, we entered the European market to show that a residential complex is not only a comfortable apartment, but also a place which contains everything you need for a comfortable living. We want our project to be really convenient for you. Every detail of the complex was considered and prepared by our highly qualified specialists with international certifications and extensive experience. So, we offer ergonomically planned living space and maximum comfortable housing. We put part of our heart into every square meter, and all you need to do is use the area wisely and create a happy atmosphere.

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About us

Lucky Homes apartment complex offers modern housing of A class. What does it mean? We took care of high energy performance, devoting special attention to:

efficient thermal

Forget about the cold and excessive heating bills. We use modern high-tech materials that keep all the heat inside.

alternative heating

We decided to look at the problem in a non-standard way. Alternative heat sources allow you to save and do not harm the environment.

air recuperation

The modern ventilation system allows to keep the heat more efficient in the cold season and to save electricity consumption.

100% Project readiness

Mes pasirūpinome kiekvieno buto, ir viso komplekso saugos sistema. Į namą patekti galima tik naudojantis elektroniniu raktu, kurį turi tik namo gyventojai.

Back at the design stage, we placed emphasis upon details that create comfort. Lucky Homes features noiseless express elevators. A convenient car park is located on the lower floors of the building, which means that you won’t have to look for a parking spot in the street and worry about the safety of your car.

The complex’s premise has two children’s playgrounds, one outdoors and the other one at the first parking level. Thanks to this solution, parents can take their kids for a stroll in any weather. Green recreation areas and eye-pleasing landscape solutions make Lucky Homes a pleasant place for family outings. We took into account all needs of a modern family, both the places for active family recreation and the proximity to the city’s business district. All that makes Lucky Homes a special place on the map of Vilnius.

SAVO Group

SAVO Group is a modern property investment and development group of companies implementing the most advanced construction ideas and creating a fundamentally different quality of life. The projects we implemented combine a whole number of principles, culture and standards that create comfortable vital activity of a complex organism: Euromisto Residential Complex.

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of experience in residential construction. Trust of residents, for ten years


Over 2500 apartments built. Comfortable conditions and ergonomic layouts


250,000 sq.m of residential and commercial property space sold. We do not stay contended with past achievements, and continue to create space for a comfortable life!

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