Gerosios Vilties gatve 27, Vilnius

About the apartment windows

The windows of the apartment are already in A, B, C and part D bodies. We plan to glaze all the windows of the apartments by January 31.

The Lucky Homes project has windows featuring extremely high thermal insulation. The new
GELAN S 9000 profile system combines the advantages of middle and outer sealing systems.
Windows made of such system profiles meet the requirements for energy efficient windows.

Color profiles of the S 9000 system are chosen for nothing. The inner side of the windows is
white and the outer side is anthracite. The acrylic surface is twice as durable as PVC. The
acrylic coating is resistant to mechanical damage and the negative impact of the atmosphere,
it is not porous, so it does not collect dust and dirt, it does not peel, do not peel or paint.
ACRYLCOLOR windows are easy to maintain. ACRYLCOLOR windows do not fade and
change color for decades.